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hockey Most of us aren’t surprised to see ice hockey players with missing teeth. But you don’t need to be an ice hockey player to be susceptible to sports
related dental injuries. In fact, some of the most common dental injuries are the result of contact sports like basketball, soccer or lacrosse. However, with sports mouth guards made in our Douglasville dental office, your chances of getting a dental injury during a sporting event is greatly decreased.

Using a sports mouth guard while playing any contact sport reduces the risk of injuries to your lips, tongue, gums, jaw, and of course, your teeth, and protects your mouth from some of the most common dental injuries.

Sports mouth guards not only protect the inside of your mouth, they can also help protect you against concussions and jaw fractures. However, not every mouth guard can protect you equally.

There are three basic types of sports mouth guards:

  • Stock mouth guards often fit loosely over the upper teeth, aren’t individually shaped, can interfere with breathing and speech, and tend to move around a lot and therefore don’t fully protect your teeth.

  • Self-adapted mouth guards (often referred to as boil and bite) can be individually shaped during a heating-biting process but are still prone to move around in the mouth, are easily bitten through and can’t protect as well as a custom-made mouthguard.

  • Custom-made sports mouth guards from your Douglasville dentist are constructed to fit your mouth like a glove. They last longer, are more comfortable and provide the ultimate level of protection.

Both the American Dental Association and the Academy for Sports Dentistry recommend a properly fitted custom-made mouth guard to reduce the risk of sports related dental injuries, and your Douglasville dentist can properly fit you for one.

If you’re joining a recreation league, your kids are trying their hand at basketball, or if you’ve been playing forever, the dental office of Dr. Jim Williams can help protect your mouth, and your smile. Contact us today to learn more about sports mouth guards in Douglasville.


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