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Douglasville Cosmetic Dentistry

Wish your smile was wider, brighter, less crooked and more confident? Talk to us about our cosmetic dentistry options. Cosmetic dentistry by Jim Williams, DMD can range from in-office and take-home tooth whitening to a full mouth restoration, where every tooth can be restored with a variety of treatments. You’ll leave our office looking and feeling more attractive than ever before!

Teeth Whitening

Douglasville Cosmetic Dentist & Dental CareAre you feeling self-conscious about the appearance of your smile? One of the most effective, yet simple and popular, ways of transforming your smile is with our professional tooth whitening system. Dr. Williams offers Opalescence® in-office tooth whitening treatment. The process takes only about an hour, and yet it can brighten your teeth up to ten shades. It’s the perfect choice to clear away stubborn coffee, tea, or wine stains, improve your appearance for a special occasion, or simply as a pick-me-up to look younger and healthier than you ever thought possible. If you prefer to whiten at home at your own pace, Dr. Williams can also give you prescription-strength, ADA-approved Opalescence take-home whitening trays.

Dental Bonding

You want to enhance your smile, but you’ve got concerns about the procedures and cost. Cosmetic dental bonding can be a great solution! Affordable and conservative, bonding can be used for a variety of enhancements, including whitening stain-resistant teeth (even tetracycline stains); repairing chips, cracks or breaks; lengthening teeth that are too short; and closing gaps between teeth. We can even make crooked teeth look straighter! The procedure is simple: a composite material is placed on the tooth, then shaped to the desired result. Finally, the material is hardened and polished for a bright and natural appearance.

Porcelain Dental Veneers

When applied by a highly-trained cosmetic dentist, porcelain veneers are wonderfully versatile and can both beautify and restore your teeth. Using porcelain veneers, Dr. Williams can solve a variety of problems – straighten crooked teeth, repair chipped teeth, lengthen worn teeth, close minor gaps, and whiten teeth with stains that can’t be removed through bleaching. Our porcelain dental veneers are not only effective, they are natural looking and very functional too! The veneer materials we use display similar physical properties to natural enamel. In addition, with the advances in ceramic technology, the layers and translucency of natural teeth can be perfectly mimicked. We love to see our patients’ delight over the final results!

Tooth Recontouring

Irregularities in your teeth can make your smile look uneven. But you don’t have to live with it! When tooth recontouring is performed by a highly trained dentist like Douglasville’s Dr. Jim Williams, chips, overlaps, or tooth length or shape inconsistency, can be smoothed, evened and perfected. Dr. Williams will simply shave micro-thin pieces off your tooth’s surface to create ideal symmetry in your smile.