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Why Doesn’t My Denture Fit Like it Used To?

Why Doesn’t My Denture Fit Like it Used To?

Your denture may have once been one of the best things to happen to you. In fact, many people throughout history have benefited from dentures as they allow people to smile freely, chew confidently, and feel whole again. Dentures are a great solution for missing teeth and are often a comfortable option. However, over time, your denture may start to not fit like it used to. Don’t worry, this is normal and your dentist in Douglasville is here to help. 

3 Reasons Why Your Denture Doesn’t Fit

Dentures can last for many years with proper care. But they aren’t meant to be a permanent solution to missing teeth. There are things that can happen that can make a denture no longer fit like it once did. These can cause a denture to slip, making it hard to eat and speak. They can even cause some minor discomfort. So what’s happening? Why would a denture no longer fit correctly? 

  • Bone Loss

Our natural teeth have both a root system and a crown. The crown is the white part of the teeth we see while the roots are secured into the jaw bone. Natural teeth constantly stimulate the jaw bone, reducing the risk of bone loss. However, a denture doesn’t have any roots to continue this stimulation. This can result in bone loss. When the jaw bone deteriorates, the shape of the jaw and the fit of the denture can change. 

  • Changes in Gum Tissue

Similar to the jaw bone, gum tissue can recede over time, making dentures feel uncomfortable. Additionally, if someone develops gum disease while using a denture, this can cause inflammation and swelling, making it difficult for a denture to fit the way it did initially. 

  • Damage

Life happens, and this can include damage to your denture or unexpected damage to your mouth. Things like mouth calluses can make a denture feel uncomfortable. Additionally, damage to a denture is more common than you think. A denture that’s at the end of its lifespan can become flexible or become more fragile and easier to break. Also, if a denture isn’t cared for properly, it can change in shape thanks to deposits. 

How to Fix an Ill-Fitting Denture

Luckily, you have a few options to fix a denture that no longer serves you. But first, you should schedule an appointment with your dentist in Douglasville. Your dental team will perform an examination to determine the best course of action to get you a denture that feels comfortable again. One of the solutions may be a reline. This is when your dentist will either work on your denture while you’re in the chair or use new impressions to have a lab create a new denture for you. Either way, you’ll be well on your way to smiling confidently. 

Denture Alternatives

If you no longer want to deal with dentures, you have other options such as dental implants. Dental implants permanently replace both the crown of the tooth and the tooth roots. This can make it easier to care for your teeth and reduce the risk of bone loss. If you’re interested, talk with your dentist in Douglasville about dental implants. 

We believe that everyone has the right to smile and eat confidently, whether that’s with their natural teeth, a denture, or dental implants. So if you’re dealing with an uncomfortable denture, make sure you talk with your dentist about your options. 



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Watch Out! These Are the Top 5 Most Dangerous Sports for Smiles

Watch Out! These Are the Top 5 Most Dangerous Sports for Smiles

From kids to adults, there’s no shame in getting your game on. It’s a great way to get your daily exercise and spend time with friends or family. (And a little competition never hurt.)

With any sport, we run the risk of spraining an ankle or breaking a wrist. But you also run an even bigger danger of damaging your teeth. No one wants that! Especially your dentist in Douglasville.

Oral injuries from sports can range from a simple bump on the lip to requiring major dental surgery to repair a smile. (Hello, hockey players!) Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of broken, chipped teeth due to sports. Here are some of the most common culprits when it comes to wreaking havoc on smiles.

#1 – Football

As the gridiron game starts to heat up this month, you should know that it’s not so hot for your smile. You can probably imagine that any sport requiring tackling is going to cause an injury or two somewhere along the way. Make sure you and your kiddos are equipped with a custom mouthguard. They offer added protection to your bite when you’re fighting hard on the field. You don’t want tackles taking out your teeth.

#2 – Basketball

This court can be harsh on teeth. Not everyone wears mouthguards to protect their smile when playing basketball, but there are so many opportunities for damage to your teeth. This is true, especially as we grow older and continue in the sport. Just picture it: an elbow flailing here and there or a ball headed straight for the kisser. Basketball has the potential to do some serious damage to your teeth. 

#3 – Martial Arts

Sports such as martial arts, mixed martial arts, boxing, and others can also spell trouble for your teeth. There’s no denying that these sports are full-contact and sometimes literally mean hitting someone directly in the face. Oral injury is occasionally imminent. But it can be avoidable if you remember to wear a custom mouthguard courtesy of your Douglasville dentist. 

#4 – Stick and Bat Games

Think of a sport that you need a bat or a stick to play; we’ll wait. (Hint: Hockey, baseball, lacrosse, cricket, etc.) There’s an increased risk of getting smacked in the face with a stick or bat when you’re on the field or the ice with these sports. Just like all of the other sports we’ve discussed so far, it’s important to protect your smile with a mouthguard, especially if you’ve had extensive cosmetic work.

#5 – Skateboarding

Sure, Tony Hawk has a great smile. But we’re willing to bet he’s wiped out once or twice and his smile was right in the middle of it. Skateboarding can be fun and exhilarating just like a halfpipe, but if you’re not careful, your teeth can end up damaged. Chipped, broken, and knocked out teeth are common skateboarding injuries that we’ve seen (in children and parents). 

At our Douglasville dental office, we’re all about preventing damage and decay to your teeth. After all, we want your smile to last a lifetime. However, if you find yourself with a dental emergency with a sports injury, know that you can always count on us. Please call our office to learn more about how we can accommodate you and your family should a dental emergency arise. We’re always here to help you feel better and have a healthy smile!