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Picking the Right Douglasville Dentist

Sep 24, 2014

how to pick your dentistThere are a variety of reasons you may be in need of a new dentist. Perhaps you’ve moved to a new town or your former dentist is retiring. No matter the reason, picking the right dentist for you isn’t an easy task. After all, you’re looking for someone you can trust your smile to. At my dental office in Douglasville, we’d like to give you a few tips that you can follow to ensure you’re picking the right dentist to meet your needs.

Talk to Friends

The best place to start your search for the best dentist for you in Douglasville is with your friends and family. Find out what they like about their dentists and compare what they say to what you’re looking for. It’s also wise to hop online to check out the practice’s available services, get to know a bit about the doctor, and to get an idea of the office personality.

Pick Up the Phone

Once you’ve gathered information from your friends, family, and the internet, you should have a list of a few dentists you’d like to get to know more about. This is when picking up the phone and making calls to those practices is important. The first phone call can give some insight into the atmosphere of the practice and gives you an opportunity to ask some valuable questions. You’ll want to gather information such as what you should expect during your first visit, how the office handles finances, and the level of training of the staff. Following these calls, you should have a good idea of which dentist stands out to you and who you’d like to investigate in more detail.

Schedule a Visit

Making an initial visit with your top choice is a great way to get to know the office and the dentist in person. Getting into the office and into the dental chair is important to make sure you’re comfortable, ensure that the personality of the doctor compliments yours, and discovering whether the office is clean, friendly, and matches what you’re looking for. After this initial visit, you should have a good idea if this is the dentist for you.

Whether you’re new to the area or if you’re just in need a of new dentist, I always welcome you to call my Douglasville dental office. We’ll be sure to answer any questions you may have, schedule a prompt appointment if desired, and get you on your way to healthy smile.

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Tips for a White Smile After Labor Day and All Year Around

Sep 10, 2014

teeth whiteningWe’re all familiar with the thought that it’s a fashion faux pas to wear white after Labor Day. While we’re not fashion experts, at my dental office in Douglasville, we tend to disagree with this rule. Here, white smiles are always in style and we’ve got some tips on how you can get yours brighter and keep it that way.

Whether it’s because of what you drink, habits you have, or time itself, there are plenty of things that can make your white smile fade and become dull. The good news is that it’s easily fixed by whitening. There are many options available to help you get a whiter smile, but your best choice is by going to your Douglasville dentist for a professional whitening. Not only are the trays that are used custom-fit to you, which means no solution gets on your gums and causes damage, the solution itself is stronger than the kind you can find in the drugstore. Additionally, your dentist can help you get your ideal shade of white without over-bleaching.

Once your professional whitening is completed, there are several things you can do to help keep your smile in just-whitened condition.

Eat a Healthy Diet

We all know that sugar is bad for your teeth as it increases your risk of tooth decay. But what some may not know is that decay can discolor your teeth and make them appear dull and dingy. In order to keep your smile white, eat less of the sticky, sweet foods and more of the crunchy vegetables. It’s also important to know which foods can contribute to staining and to avoid those as much as you can. Berries, coffee, tea, wine, and tomato sauce can all cause your smile to fade, so eat them in moderation. If you have to enjoy a soda or coffee, try drinking it with a straw as it helps keep the staining agents away from the surfaces of your teeth.

Don’t Use Tobacco

Tobacco not only causes some scary health problems, it can also cause yellowing of teeth, not to mention serious oral health problems like gum disease and oral cancer. Whether it’s chewed or smoked, tobacco is just not good for any part of your body. It’s better for your smile, and your overall health, if you just don’t do it.

Brush & Floss

You should already be brushing twice a day and flossing once, but if you’re striving to keep your smile white, it’s really important that you continue to do so. Brushing and flossing helps remove plaque which can actually cause stains to linger around and get stuck on the teeth.

See Us Often

By keeping up with your appointments to my Douglasville dental office, you can make sure your smile is healthy overall… and a healthy smile often means a white smile. At these appointments, we can also check in on how your whitening is holding up and see if you may need a little touch up. If you follow the tips above, touch ups should be minimal and your smile can keep on shining.

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