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Sure you’ve heard of root canals. But do you know what they are, and why we perform them at Jim G. Williams, DMD in Douglasville? You may be surprised by some facts about root canal treatment!

Why would I need root canal treatment?

Root canal therapy involves treating the tooth’s pulp and root canals when the tissue, or pulp, becomes diseased or infected. This pulp contains the blood vessels and nerves the tooth needs to function and thrive. Any damage or disease in this area can cause an infection and needs to be treated.

How is root canal therapy performed?

We first clean the root canals by removing any disease and cleaning out bacteria, debris, or anything else that could cause infection.

Once the root canals are cleaned and free of bacteria, we fill the canals with a sealant. This is so no bacteria can get in and create more infection or problems. A root canal will help save your natural tooth. That’s always the best solution, when possible.

In many cases after root canal treatment, the tooth will be weakened and need to be restored. option we most recommend is to protect and strengthen the tooth through teh placement of a porcelain crown

If you’re experiencing recurring discomfort and inflammation, please contact our Douglasville dental office at 855-410-2757 to see us as soon as possible. In some cases, you may not feel any symptoms, but a general exam and x-rays might show us a problem before it becomes painful. So remember to keep up with regular checkups too!

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